Triple-Threat Fitness

What is Triple-Threat Fitness?

The "Triple-Threat" system incorporates Movement, Strength & Stretch in every workout we offer. This system is based upon 3 fundamental exercise ideals...  challenging your cardiovascular health, strengthening your muscles and improving range of motion and flexibility. We believe achieving these vital health practices should be delivered in a fun and positive way to improve your overall physical and emotional health.

DEANNA STISSI (Owner/Founder)

Meet Deanna

Deanna Stissi has 15 years of experience in the fitness industry specializing in group fitness and 1-on-1 custom training. Dance, strength and yoga have been her specialty formats and throughout the years have set her lessons apart from the rest, making it a “triple-threat” experience for her clients. A lifetime dancer, she started out her journey as a dance fitness instructor in 2005. Soon after, she suffered a whiplash injury from a car accident that led her to yoga. After discovering the healing power of yoga, she has been sharing it with others ever since. She furthered her education in functional movement and offered exercise therapy in several chiropractic environments. She applies her education into all of her formats making them custom, functional and safe for every client. Currently she has combined her skill-set and experience to create formats packaging her Triple-Threat Fitness system. Her mission is to build a network of instructors that will provide the TTF system and encourage a positive fitness transformation in our community.

A Message From The Owner:

“Throughout my personal fitness journey, I have discovered that the fitness styles of dance, strength training and yoga are not just excellent physical activities but rather provide key components to one's overall well-being. I believe in making physical fitness a lifestyle and when you enjoy the workouts you do- it will continually impact your life in a long-lasting positive way. My passion is to provide fun fitness experiences to encourage this positive transformation in your life.”

-Deanna Stissi, Owner/Founder of Triple-Threat Fitness LLC